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We all love social media. It allows everyone to share important content and express themselves however they’d like. However, there always comes a time when you wish you could get rid of some posts you might regret. TweetDeleter takes care of that.

Your Ultimate One-stop Solution to Take Care of Your Twitter Account

We’ve created the best tool in the world that allows you to easily search for and delete your tweets. Our service has been used by more than 600,000 Twitter users that have in total deleted more than 315,000,000 tweets. Pretty impressive, huh? Our service has been featured by Mashable, Wired, Techtimes and many other IT industry blogs.

TweetDeleter will allow you to find tweets based on:

  • tweet date
  • keywords
  • tweet and media link types

You can use this tool if you simply want to search through your tweets without the intention to delete any of them. Our search possibilities will impress.

TweetDeleter allows you to delete multiple tweets with one click. Choose Unlimited pricing plan to delete an unlimited number of tweets.

Special Features

Use our Full Delete option to give your account new life.

Even better, use our Auto Delete feature if you want to continuously keep your Twitter account in order. Auto Delete will continually monitor your account and delete the oldest tweets based on your defined criteria - based on the tweet date or the number of tweets you want to keep. Activate Auto Delete if you don’t want to worry about old tweets taking up space in your Twitter feed.

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