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01. Searching for Tweets

How can I find the tweets I want to delete?

It's really simple. The most convenient way is to search tweets based on certain keywords included in the tweet text. You can also sort tweets based on tweet type, media attached or based on the time period when tweets were published.

Can I search through all of my tweets?

You can search for and delete your last 3,200 tweets, due to Twitter API restrictions. If you want to delete older tweets you have to use our Upload Archive functionality to upload all of your tweets to our system. In this case you will be able to search through all your tweets.

Can I search for a tweet even if I do not want to delete it?

Sure. :) Our system is the most powerful tweet search tool in the Universe. You can also use it to just find tweets. It's always fun to step back and take a look at what you’ve tweeted a few years ago. Use our service to review your tweet history.

Can I find a tweet from last Christmas?

Sure! Simply use our feature to search through tweets based on certain dates. You can look up certain date or you can choose a time period you want to filter.

Can I find a tweet that I have already deleted?

No, we can search only tweets that are currently active. All tweets from our system are deleted permanently and cannot be restored.

02. Deleting Tweets

How long does it take for tweets to be deleted from my Twitter feed?

Tweets are usually deleted in couple of minutes but sometimes it can take up to several hours, as our system is based on Twitter API functionality and we depend on their ability to process all our requests.

Why should I care to delete old tweets?

Sure about that? Did you know that Google indexes your tweets and others can find them by a simple Google search. TweetDeleter is a tool to keep you safe - to make sure there is nothing on your Twitter account that you might regret later.

Does it delete tweets permanently?

Hell yeah! Like, for eternity. We love taking care of your privacy so every tweet you delete in TweetDeleter will be gone from your account.

How do I delete all my tweets at once?

Glad you asked. :) We have a secret Full Delete feature that will allow you to delete all your tweets with one click. But be careful - those tweets will be deleted permanently and it will not be possible to recover them. Even Chuck Norris won’t be able to recover them. Please take into account that due to Twitter API restrictions we can import and delete your latest 3,200 tweets. If you want to delete older tweets you have to use our Upload Archive feature. This will allow our system to access all your tweets and afterwards Full Delete will be able to delete all your tweets without any limitations.

Why there is a daily delete limit?

Unfortunately there are many restrictions insending a large number of requests through Twitter’s API functionality. Accordingly, we cannot offer to delete an unlimited amount of tweets for all our clients that are using a Free account. If you want to delete a higher number of tweets please upgrade your account to our Premium or Unlimited pricing plans.

How does Auto Delete work?

This is actually a really cool feature if you don’t want old tweets to stay in your Twitter feed. Auto delete allows you to schedule the TweetDeleter system to continuously monitor you profile and delete tweets if they exceed your defined limits. You can delete tweets based on two options: automatically delete tweets that are older than certain number of days and/or delete tweets that are above certain tweet count. Use this feature to keep your Twitter profile clean from old tweets.

Why don't I see all my tweets in your system?

Due to Twitter’s API restrictions we can import only 3,200 of your latest tweets. If you want to see, search and delete older tweets you have to use our Archive Upload feature to import all tweets from your Twitter feed.

Why do deleted tweets still show up in my Twitter profile?

Sometimes it takes a while to update deleted tweets on your twitter profile. Usually it will take couple of minutes but sometimes it may take up to two hours.

I deleted tweets but the Twitter tweet count on my profile hasn’t changed.

Unfortunately this a problem on Twitter’s side as in many cases they do not update the tweet count number,even if the tweets themselves are deleted. We have informed Twitter about this issue but it has not been fully resolved.

I Deleted something I wanted to keep, is there a way to recover it?

No, TweetDeleter doesn't store copies of your tweets, it deletes them permanently.

Why should I go Premium?

We suggest using our Premium or Unlimited plans if you want to use all of our search and filter options. Additionally this will allow you to use our special features: Archive Upload, Full Delete, and Auto Delete.

How can I delete multiple tweets at once?

TweetDeleter allows you to easily find tweets you want to delete. Simply select tweets (mark checkboxes alongside each tweet) and press “Delete” to delete multiple tweets with one click. You can also use the “Select all tweets” feature to select and delete all tweets you have filtered. If you really want to delete all tweets in your twitter profile you can always use also Full Delete feature that will permanently erase all tweets from your account.

03. Special Features

How do I use Upload Archive?

Upload archive is an unique TweetDeleter feature that allows you to import all your tweets from your Twitter profile. Twitter API limitations do not allow TweetDeleter and similar services to access more than 3,200 of your latest tweets - accordingly we have developed the possibility to download your full tweet archive from your Twitter profile and upload the file in our system. This will allow you to search and delete all your tweets. If you want to use this feature, you have to choose the Unlimited pricing plan.

Why can’t I upload my tweet archive file?

Don’t worry, if you have any trouble, please send your archive file to our support and we will upload it for you: info@tweetdeleter.com

How do I use Auto Delete?

Auto Delete makes life easy. There are two options – automatically deleting tweets that are older than X amount of days or keeping your latest X tweets while deleting all the rest. It’s your choice – configure it and let Tweetdeleter take care of your profile. Auto Delete can be turned on and off anytime. It’s like your own butler.

How do I use Full Delete?

Full Delete allows you to delete all your tweets with one click. This will permanently delete all your tweets from your Twitter account. It will not delete account itself. If you want to use this feature, you have to choose Unlimited pricing plan.

04. Subscription

What are the benefits of the yearly subscription?

Very simple – you will save 30-70% from the subscription fee based on the pricing plan you choose.

What are the Premium account features?

Premium account allows you to delete up to 3,000 tweets per day. It also unlocks all search tools - search by media links attached and search by date when tweets were published. Premium account allows you to activate our Auto Delete feature that can continuously delete your old tweets.

What are the Unlimited account features?

Unlimited account allows you to delete an unlimited number of tweets per day. It also unlocks two great features - Full Delete and Upload Archive. Full Delete allows you to delete all your tweets with one click. Upload Archive allows you to import all your tweets from your Twitter account. As a result you will be able to search and delete all your tweets from the day you started tweeting.

What payment methods can I use?

We want you to feel 100% safe with us so we use two of the most popular payment methods – Paypal and payments by credit and debit cards.

Can I get a refund?

We have been developing TweetDeleter for more than 4 years now and we are constantly improving it. However, in case you find out something that is not working properly please write to info@tweetdeleter.com, explain the problem as detailed as you can and we will make a refund immediately if it’s our mistake.

If I subscribe to the premium account, can I cancel it at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription any time. Drop us an email (info@tweetdeleter.com) and we will do it for you.

05. About TweetDeleter

What is Tweetdeleter?

It's a service for Twitter users, that allows you to easily search for and delete tweets with couple of clicks. TweetDeleter is the most advanced tweet deleting tool out there - its unique features let users filter, find and easily delete tweets in less than a minute. You can search and filter tweets based on specific keywords, dates, types of tweets (tweets, replies, retweets), tweets with media files (uploaded photos, Instagram, Youtube and Tumblr content).

What are Tweetdeleter unique features?

Thanks for asking. :) We have several unique features. Auto Delete - keeps your twitter profile clean by deleting tweets older than your set limit of days or by leaving only certain number of tweets. Accordingly, older tweets will be deleted and you do not need to worry about old tweets that you don’t remember. Archive Upload - Due to API restrictions Twitter allows only to import your last 3,200 tweets from your account. If you want to delete older tweets, you can use our Twitter archive upload feature that will allow you to search and delete all your tweets without limitations. Full Delete - this will allow you to delete all your tweets with a single click. Use it wisely. :)

How did you come up with this idea?

It all started with the simple understanding that we do a lot of damage on social media when we are young and we do not think about the consequences each time we post something on Twitter. When we tried to clean our account on Twitter we understood that there should be an easier way to find tweets we want to delete. That's why we created Tweetdeleter - a project started at Garage48 two day hackathon. Our moto is “Have fun on Twitter - TweetDeleter will Keep you Safe!”

Privacy – is my account safe with you?

100% safe - we use authorized access to Twitter database to manage all interactions with Twitter. All tweets you delete are deleted permanently and cannot be restored.

06. Questions?

If I have any questions how can I contact you?

We are here to help you. If you have any questions or technical issues, do not hesitate to contact us: info@tweetdeleter.com.
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