Twitter expanding 140 character limit

As you probably know, Twitter has a limit of 140 characters. What would happen if this limit gets removed or replaced with another number? Success or failure ? We might found out about it soon because Twitter has came up with an feature to increase the character limit.

“What if text… was actually text? Text that could be searched. Text that could be highlighted. That’s more utility and power.” Twitter Ceo, Jack Dorsey on his tweet about the new feature.

Confirmed releasing date of this feature is unknown and a lot of details are still unclear. Sources says that the permissible number of characters in one tweet could be 10’000. Releasing it approximately by the end of March.

Nowadays people are always in rush and have no time for long reads, so Twitter is an excellent way how to quickly find out the latest news, sports, facts and so on. The essence of Twitter are concise, short, informative messages. Increasing character count could possibly destroy the main idea of Twitter. People a lot of times doesn’t like changes. And one more fact against the new addition, possible timeline mess. Imagine your friend falls asleep on a keyboard, and accidentally sends a 10k character tweet containing random letters. It’s easier than ever to mess up the timeline.

But wait, there probably has to be a better solution… And there is! Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey has came up with an solution. Twitter has it’s unique design which we are used to. To avoid large tweets, which could possibly mess your timeline. There will be an option for tweet to expand it (“read more” button for more detailed message), so the Twitter saves it’s aesthetics and previous layout. And the best thing, your sleeping friend’s sent tweet is back to normal tweet size. If you are not used to changes and you don’t want to enter the long message twitter era just don’t click the expand button and everything will probably be the same as it used to be.

Twitter growth is decreasing a lot lately, the changes might interest people to come back using twitter. Twitter social media tweets usually contains redirect to some other related website. There is a chance that by implementing the 10’000 character count there would be enough text space to put all the necessary information that you don’t have to leave the application itself and save some time staying on the twitter.

We, Tweet Deleter team, are against character increase because there will be less tweets to delete for you. You all know that deleting tweets is fun and easy with us.

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