​Twitter unveils a new mobile application called Fabric for Android and iOS

Fabric, which was previously restricted to the Web based interface has been now been made available on Android and iOS. From the computer, Fabric for mobile is actionable and customizable.

The app is presently positioned around Crashlytics, a Twitter tool that discovers any issues with the application. The Fabric application itself was designed as a result of the feedback from Runkeeper that saw its weekend promo offers were leading to a few issues for users when the developers were offline.

Runkeeper might have requested part of their staff to work weekends so as to fix any problems, however that surfaces a completely new set of problems (for instance, a thinner staff during the week).

The new app can instantly spot any problems for what theyíre in a moment, as well as quickly determine if action is essential.

Besides, Fabric can also notify the user in case there are any issues. The user can elect to receive all the notifications, or even restrict it to priority problems or critical fails. Also, the notifications can be toggled off within the app & settings could be applied individually for every app you are utilizing with Fabric.

In addition, the app also offers some place for the user to comment on the issues. It is a linear stream, identical to Slack, which allows the developers to discuss the issues and also update the members on their progress.

Push notifications also delivers other essential details like a full stack trace, information about the amount of users facing problems & what devices or operating systems are being affected.

The new mobile version of Fabric is almost a similar experience that you will get on your computer. It is actionable & offers all the insight that you may need whilst you are away from your PC. It does not provide you with a detailed breakdown like the desktop version, however that is also not its primary purpose.

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