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This is simple - everything about you is available on social media. Everyone knows what you do, what you eat, where you are, who are your friends. It is not only about PRESENT but it's also about your PAST. Your opinions may change but your past opinions are still there on social media forever.

So sooner or later you end up with stories like James Gunn or Josh Harder. In all cases the storyline is the same - many years ago we were different - we had strong opinions on many questions and we were ready to talk about them on social media. Although right now we are different and with different opinions - NOBODY cares. Public is ready to search your history, search for your skeleton in the closet.

There are 2 ways what you can do. Not care about what others think and go the road of James Gunn or Josh Harder. Or you can go the other way!

TweetDeleter was created with the idea of giving a fresh start to each Twitter user. There is really no valid argument to leave your tweets living on Twitter for a long period of time. Usually nobody searches your past unless they want to find something dirty.

So please we encourage everyone to delete old tweets and make sure nothing embarrising is waiting on your Twitter feed. There are many useful features for TweetDeleter.com but we think that one the best and most useful currently is our AUTO DELETE feature.

It allows you to set up an automatic process that will delete your old tweets based on your preferences. Currently you can choose:

1) You can leave certain count of tweets in your profile and all older ones will be automatically deleted

2) Or you can automatically delete tweets that are older than X days

This will make sure that you are safe. The old tweets with your old ideas and opinions will be deleted automatically without any involvement from your side. Just activate AUTO DELETE on TweetDeleter website and have a good night sleep.

Several hundred thousands of clients are using already this feature and can be confident that their privacy is safe.

You can read also USA TODAY suggestions and opinion how easily this could be avoided.

Activate your Auto Delete today and sleep well.

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