About TweetDeleter

Best experience to delete your X posts / tweets

About TweetDeleter
TweetDeleter was born in 2011 at a Garage48 hackathon when Jekabs took to the stage to pitch a new idea - that the world needs a tool to get rid of drunk tweets, fast and easy.
Over 48 hours the first TweetDeleter prototype was launched. Good ol' days. Since, TweetDeleter has grown to serve over 1 million users, processing over 1 billion tweets. We've rebuilt the site too many times to count to keep up with the ever-changing API (thanks X / Twitter!), but one thing has stayed the same – our commitment to offering the best experience to delete your X posts / tweets.

TweetDeleter in Numbers


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What's the deal with deleting X posts / tweets?

A decade after launching, the TweetDeleter tool is more relevant than ever. Privacy is a crucial factor in modern society and only increasing in relevance as we put more of our lives online. Social media platforms have collected massive amounts of information about each of us that they use to make us buy things we don't need, and sometimes go so far as to influence our political decisions.

Hiring checks

Social profile checks are also becoming a standard element of hiring. According to many surveys, 70 percent of employers use social media to screen candidates before hiring. Your social media posts can cost you employment if you are not careful.

Your public image

And don't get us started on celebrity mishaps. There are so many people in the spotlight that have gotten flak for X posts / tweets they posted a long time ago, like Kevin Hart and James Gunn, to name a few.

Your old opinions

People change and opinions change. Nevertheless, old X posts / tweets stay there forever - unless you get rid of them. That's where TweetDeleter steps in.

Built in Latvia

In a country nestled in a Northern corner of Europe, you'll find admittedly not the most talkative people. But with mobile and broadband internet speeds contending for the top places the world, you sure have a lot of tech-savvy people tinkering away.

Meet our core team

Arturs Chief Technical Officer


Chief Technical Officer

Jekabs Co-founder and the author of this idea


Co-founder and the author of this idea

Peteris Head of product


Head of product

Kristine Head of Customer Success


Head of Customer Success

Reinis Co-founder and CEO


Co-founder and CEO

Barbara Customer Happiness Engineer


Customer Happiness Engineer

The features you wish X / Twitter had

TweetDeleter is singlehandedly the most used service in the world to delete multiple X posts / tweets in a couple of seconds. It has been used by more than 1 million X /Twitter users from all around the world. In total those users have deleted almost 1 billion X posts / tweets. That's impressive.
Automatic Services

Automatic Services

We've also implemented a bunch of automatic services that will take care of your privacy while you sleep. Our Auto X post / tweet deleting process can continually delete your old X posts / tweets and our Auto X post / tweet unliking feature can remove your old likes from X psots / tweets.
Keep your memories

Keep your memories

Don't want to say goodbye to your X posts / tweets? By activating our Save and see deleted X posts / tweets feature you'll be able to see an archive of your deleted content. Then you can come back and scroll through memory lane whenever you want, in total privacy.
#1 tool for deleting X posts / tweets

#1 tool for deleting X posts / tweets

1 billion unneeded X posts/ tweets are gone forever and will never be able to come back to haunt them. Privacy has been protected, and these users are emancipated from potentially painful pasts. A clean slate lies ahead of them, ready to hold fresh, new thoughts.
Powerful Search

Powerful Search

The TweetDeleter team has put together a complete set of features to help you erase your unneeded X posts / tweets. Powerful search options allow you to find X posts / tweets based on keyword, X post / tweet dates or X post / tweet type (we even have a swear word filter!). The best part - mass delete those X posts / tweets in bulk with one click. Simple!

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