Discover the Ultimate Hack: How to Delete Multiple Tweets in Seconds!

October 18, 2023

As a user of / Twitter, we often need to manage our online presence, which includes deleting old or unwanted tweets. When it comes to working tweets on X, the ability to delete them in bulk has been notably absent, and the existing method of doing them one by one is undeniably time-consuming. We are living in the world of Technology and AI. If you still use a traditional way to delete all your old or messy posts on X / Twitter, you are a little outdated. But no problem, we are here to serve and give you the complete information you deserve.

This is where our third-party solution, like us, steps in to assist you. You won't believe how this simple trick can help you delete a bulk of X posts/tweets on the platform! We offer a convenient service that allows you to efficiently clear outposts in bulk on the X platform, saving you valuable time. Indeed, it's a time-saving approach. You can even get started with our free service to experience the benefits firsthand. If you find it satisfactory, consider subscribing for additional advantages. This blog post is dedicated to providing step-by-step guidance, highlighting essential considerations, and offering alternative Strategies for managing your X posts/tweets.

You won’t believe what happens when you don’t clear your old Tweets - Shocking consequences are revealed!

Twitter was once a place where we could share every thought that crossed our minds, but those tweets can come back to haunt us. Our old posts may not reflect our current value of views, and they can leave a lasting impression on others. It's like having an embarrassing photo from High School immortalized online. We all want a clean state on social media, don't we?

Exploring the possible options for bulk post/tweet deletion on X!

Manual deletion: Deleting Tweets one by one can be tiresome and time-consuming, but it lets you decide which X posts/tweets to keep and which to delete. But honestly speaking, most of us have more important things to do than spending hours scrolling through / Twitter, Looking for old tweets, and removing them one by one.

Automated deletion: Today, we are lucky to have- high-tech tools that do the hard work for us. These tools make it easy to keep your X / Twitter profile neat. It's a good idea to check how to delete any posts/tweets on the X platform.

Step-by-step guide: How to delete posts/tweets in bulk on X Platform using Tweet Deleter

Tweet Deleter is a web application for removing X posts in large numbers while saving time. The tool provides several helpful options around the activity, allowing users to tailor their deletion request. Our app also deals with problematic posts and supports other activities relating to the platform. Fortunately, it has a simple interface that makes it easy to use, allowing users to clean their / Twitter timelines conveniently.

Here are eight valuable steps for using Tweet Deleter:

  1. Open the on your browser and click the” sign in with” button.
  2. A new interface will appear. Login to your (Twitter) account by providing your credentials.
  3. Grant the tool permission to access your account for authorization.
  4. A pop-up will appear, asking what actions you would like to take. You can proceed with your desired actions or go directly to your dashboard.
  5. Before using the “search and delete tweets” option, ensure you have selected a suitable plan from your dashboard.
  6. Utilize the available search filters, which may be there based on your selected plan. You also have the option to delete all your posts or perform other actions.
  7. You must upload your Twitter archive if you want to manage all historical tweets.
  8. Click delete to permanently erase the X posts/tweets from your X/Twitter timeline. Sayonara!

Delete Tweet with other application: Tweet Eraser

While tweet delete has long been acknowledged as a highly efficient web tool for cleaning up Twitter posts, Tweet eraser closely trails as a reliable counterpart.

To delete Tweet in bulk with Tweet eraser, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Twitter eraser website and sign in with your Twitter account.
  2. Purchase a plan.
  3. Click the tweet tab.
  4. Select the tweets you want to delete. You can use the search bar and filters to find specific tweets.
  5. Click the delete button.

Circleboom: A third-party alternative for tweet deletion

Circleboom is another tool for managing your Twitter account, and one of its key features is the ability to delete tweets in bulk.

To delete tweets in bulk using Circle Boom, follow these steps:

  1. Link your Twitter account
  2. Purchase a subscription
  3. Click on the My Tweets tab
  4. Select the tweets you want to delete, and you can also add filters.
  5. Click that delete button.

While Tweet Deleter is an effective web service for clearing tweets, other options are also available. Different services offer different features, such as bulk deletion based on date. Tweet Deleter can help users clean their timelines by deleting specific or older tweets from their archives. So start filtering and clearing your timeline today!

Another website tool for the large deletion of X posts is

Here are four tips for utilizing this web application:

  1. Open your device's web browser to use
  2. Select "Sign in with Twitter" from the menu. The app will prompt you to log in with your (Twitter) account.
  3. You will be taken to the premium page, where you must buy a plan after registering.
  4. Select an appropriate plan and sign up. Choose filters for post removal, such as keywords or a date range, in the "Tweets" tab.
  5. Before agreeing to the terms and conditions, read them over.
  6. Click "Delete my tweets" to finish.

Help Delete X posts / Tweets

Will bulk tweet deletion also remove retweets and replies?

Yes, it will remove the original tweets and any retweets and replies associated with those tweets.

Are there any limitations on the number or age of tweets that can be deleted in bulk?

No, there are no limitations, but you will have to provide an / Twitter archive to access all historical tweets.

Can deleted tweets be recovered or accessed by others?

Once tweets are deleted, they can’t be recovered by others.