How can you share a tweet on X/Twitter?

January 15, 2024

Sharing your favorite posts on X, formerly Twitter, is a breeze with the repost feature. This guide will walk you through how to efficiently share various types of content, including tweets, videos, and GIFs, while also offering tips on reposting on Instagram. Let's dive into the details.

Reposting a Tweet on X/Twitter

Reposting a specific tweet is a very simple with the repost button on X. In the past, when you wanted to quote someone and add your own comment to the tweet, you had to copy the content and mention the author.

Today, you can click the repost icon (two arrows in a square), choose repost or quote, and effortlessly share content with your followers.

Reposting a GIF on X/Twitter

Express yourself with GIFs on X by using the repost button or separating the GIF from the tweet by copying the link and adding '/video/1' in your post composer. Remember to credit the original publisher when sharing.

Reposting a Video on X/Twitter

Sharing videos on X is a great way to engage your audience. Simply tap the repost icon below the tweet or left-click the tweet for an expanded view. If you only want to share the video, follow a desktop-specific method by copying the URL, adding '/video/1' at the end, and posting it.

Reposting on Instagram from X/Twitter

To share content from X/Twitter on Instagram, you can use the X share feature on the mobile app. Note that sharing on Instagram Stories is only available on the mobile app. Alternatively, you can share a screenshot, however, make sure that the account is public.

Now, what to do when you reposted many things in the past that don’t reflect you and your personality anymore?

To ensure your account stays up to date and doesn’t contain any unnecessary content, you can use TweetDeleter to automatically delete offensive posts, reposts and quotes. This measure safeguards your account and ensures uninterrupted access to the repost feature. Whether it's a tweet, video, GIF, you're now well-prepared to engage your audience effectively!