How to Change Privacy Settings on X/Twitter: Full Guide

January 2, 2024

On X/Twitter, your profile is set to public by default. This setting means that anyone can follow you, view your tweets, and engage with your content without needing your approval. This is excellent for growing your presence on the platform.

However, not everyone is comfortable with this level of public exposure. Many users choose to change content settings on X/Twitter. Understanding how to change your privacy settings on X/Twitter enables you to switch your account from public to private. But opting for a private account might mean losing out on certain features.

When you make your account private, other X/Twitter user must send a follow request to connect with you on X. Approval from you is necessary for them to become a follower. Moreover, only your followers can view your profile and tweets. While your account remains searchable on X, non-followers won't be able to see your profile details or tweets.

Plus, your followers won't have the option to share or retweet your posts. So let’s dive in and see how to change account privacy settings on X/Twitter.

Privatizing Your X Account on a Mobile Device: Four Easy Steps

The X/Twitter mobile app (available for both Android and iOS) includes the necessary settings adjustments. The process for enabling tweet protection is pretty straightforward:

  1. Slide the X homepage from left to right to open the navigation menu.
  2. Tap “Settings and Support” and then “Settings and Privacy.”
  3. Go to “Privacy and safety,” and select “Audience and tagging.”
  4. Activate “Protect your posts” by moving the slider to the left.

This action instantly switches your public X/Twitter account to private mode.

Making Your Twitter Account Private Via the Desktop Version

Here’s how you can make your account private using the X web interface:

  1. Visit the Twitter or X website and log in.
  2. Click “More” in the navigation menu, then “Settings and Support.”
  3. Access “Settings and privacy,” then select “Privacy and safety.”
  4. Choose “Audience, media, and tagging.”
  5. Activate the “Protect your posts” option.

Upon completing these steps, your account becomes private.

Reverting to a Public X/Twitter Account

The process mirrors the steps taken to privatize your account. Here’s how to make a private X account public again:

  1. Click your profile icon and open the X menu.
  2. Select “Settings and Support” and then “Settings and Privacy.”
  3. Choose “Privacy and safety,” followed by “Audience and tagging.”
  4. Deactivate the “Protect your posts” feature.

Following these steps will make your account and all its tweets public again, including those posted during the private phase. Therefore, it's wise to delete any tweets you wish to keep private before switching back to a public account.

Maintaining Privacy with

While adjusting privacy settings on Twitter is one way to control your digital footprint, another effective strategy is managing your X post/tweet history. Over time, our views and representations change, and some old tweets may no longer reflect who we are. Maintaining a clean and relevant X/Twitter timeline is crucial, especially when switching between public and private settings. offers a seamless solution for managing your X/Twitter history. This tool allows you to delete outdated or non-representative tweets, helping to keep your X/Twitter presence aligned with your current views and identity.

Whether you’re keeping your account private or public, Tweetdeleter is an invaluable tool for ensuring your X/Twitter presence remains true to your current self.