How to delete all your tweets: 3 effective ways

January 31, 2024

Your social media is chronicling past opinions, thoughts, and experiences — especially Twitter X where you all the time share your personal opinions on things. However, as time passes, these old tweets may no longer represent who you are today. And keeping your Twitter X profile clean is essential in maintaining a digital presence that accurately reflects your current self.

Here are three straightforward ways to ensure your Twitter profile stays up-to-date and true to your current persona.

Delete Your Profile

The most radical but effective way to cleanse your Twitter history is to delete your account. First, remember to download your archive for personal records.

By deactivating your account, you make your profile inaccessible, breaking any links to your username in other posts. Note that Twitter X allows a 30-day period for account reactivation, after which it permanently deletes your account and all associated activities.
While effective, this method means losing all your followers and your established username. To retain your handle, consider transferring it to a new account before deactivating the old one.

Here is how to deactivate your account:

  1. Navigate to “Settings and Privacy” from your home timeline,
  2. Select “Your Account,”
  3. Find “Deactivate Your Account,”
  4. Confirm by selecting the “Deactivate” button.

Delete Your Tweets Manually

If your Twitter activity is minimal, manual deletion of select tweets might be the best option for you. You can pinpoint specific tweets using Twitter’s Advanced Search on a desktop browser.

Enter your username in the “From These Accounts” box under the “Accounts” section of the Advanced Search. Specify the date range of the tweets you wish to delete, and then manually delete each one from the search results.

Use third-party tools

If you want to delete your tweets in bulk, TweetDeleter is the best option for you. It allows you to manage and delete large volumes of tweets with ease. By accessing your Twitter archive, TweetDeleter can identify and remove old, unwanted posts. This service is particularly useful for those with extensive Twitter histories, providing a hassle-free way to clean up your digital footprint:

  1. Log in to TweetDeleter seamlessly with your X Twitter account in a single click.
  2. On the TweetDeleter Dashboard, efficiently filter the tweets you wish to delete based on various criteria such as tweet type (retweet or your tweets), date, profanities, media, and even specific times of the day or week.
  3. To delete all your tweets/posts from X, simply choose "Delete all."
  4. If you prefer to delete specific tweets/posts, select them individually and click on the "Delete" option located at the bottom right corner.


Whether you delete tweets one by one or opt for bulk deletion, maintaining a clean Twitter profile is crucial in the digital age. For those with minimal tweets, manual deletion is a viable option. However, for users with more extensive histories, services like TweetDeleter offer a streamlined solution to keep your Twitter presence reflective of your current self.