How to Easily Mass Block and Mass Delete Tweets on X

March 22, 2024

Now mass blocking users on Twitter X is not as easy as before. Many once-reliable third-party tools and services that help users to mass block have fallen silent. This fact left thousands of users wondering if mass blocking is even possible for Twitter X accounts.

The real matter lies in the intricate relationship between these tools and the Twitter X application protocol interface (API). The shift occurred in March 2023 when X changed its free API and introduced high-pricing tiers for access.

Before Elon Mask’s takeover, developers could use the API's free tier to create Twitter mass block services for free. However, the new pricing structure changed everything as many free tools just couldn’t afford to pay a monthly fee of $5,000 to have API access.

As a result, many Twitter mass-blocking tools like MegaBlock and Mass Blocker stopped operating. However, there are still some websites that offer this function to users. In this article, we will show you the best Twitter mass blockers available today.

Twitter Mass Blocking with Browser Extension

Blue Blocker is a browser extension compatible with browsers like Chrome and Edge, as well as Mozilla Firefox. It’s designed to block all Twitter Blue verified users.

Here's how to use it on Google Chrome:

  • Add Blue Blocker to your Chrome browser from the Chrome Web Store.
  • After installation, pin Blue Blocker from the Extensions drop-down menu.
  • The extension will automatically add X Premium users to your block list as you browse your timeline. It offers several customizable features, including the ability to swap blocks with mute, adjust blocking frequency, and target specific user categories.

Audiense for Mass Blocking Twitter Users

While not specifically designed for mass blocking, Audiense offers a free plan to analyze your Twitter followers. Follow these steps to mass-block users:

  • Once you've logged into your Audiense account, navigate to your Twitter profile's dashboard.
  • Within the Community Insights section, you'll find metrics for your followers and those you follow. Click on either metric to access a comprehensive list of users.
  • On each user's card, located at the top left corner, you'll notice a small checkbox. Left-click on this checkbox to select individual users as needed.
  • Once you've selected the desired users, find the "Selected" button at the bottom of your screen. Click on it and choose the "Block" option.
  • A prompt will appear, asking for confirmation before blocking the selected users. Simply click "OK" to proceed and add them to your block list.

Mass Delete Tweets with Tweet Deleter

Mass blocking is good for your mental health, but how about mass deleting your own tweets that do not reflect you and your opinions anymore? On Twitter, a single misstep can attract unwanted attention to your account. Thankfully, TweetDeleter is here to solve this problem.

With its customizable filters and bulk-delete feature, you can in a few clicks remove problematic tweets from your account. The like remover feature further enhances your control over your Twitter X profile by revamping the Likes tab, preventing potential controversies caused by liked content.

Protect your account with the help of the above-mentioned tools!