How to Efficiently Delete Posts on X (Twitter)?

October 2, 2023

It’s been a while since Twitter became Elon Musk's X app, and some users still have a hard time adjusting to it. After taking over Twitter, Musk has made significant changes in the app, receiving arguable feedback. Some people preferred to move to other platforms, especially after Zuckerberg launched “Threads”.

However, despite a lot of controversy, the platform is still quite popular, and users still tweet/post quite a lot. Just imagine. 200 millions tweets/posts per day. How many of those are posts users are regretting about? Some of these tweets are a result of a drunken night, some of them might be a part of another internet war. Or, maybe you’re ashamed of the tweets you’ve written in 2009 when you were a diehard Twilight saga fan?

For sure, the question on how to delete posts on X is very much trending now. Well, X Twitter provides you with an opportunity to delete posts, but only one-by-one. And imagine scrolling down to 2009 tweets. Or trying to find them by keywords.

Sounds annoying? We know. But there is an easy solution to this issue.

Deleting Tweets/Posts through

TweetDeleter is a tool that helps to delete multiple tweets in one click, unlike the original X app. Through TweetDeleter, you can not only delete your tweets, but also likes and retweets/reposts. Also, the tool allows you to set up auto delete which launches automatic tweet removal based on your own settings.

Here is how to delete X posts one by one:

1. Login on TweetDeleter through your X Twitter account in one click

2. Navigate to Search and delete

3. Select post/tweet and click on “Delete” on the bottom right corner

4. Confirm post/tweet deletion and your post will be deleted

On the Search and delete, you can filter tweets you want to delete by tweet type (retweet or your tweets), date, profanities, media, and even time of the day/week.

Here is how to delete all X posts:

1. Login on TweetDeleter through your X Twitter account in one click

2. Navigate to Delete all

3. Select post/tweet type to delete all

4. Confirm all post/tweet deletion, and soon all your X posts is deleted

By the way, TweetDeleter also allows you to save your deleted tweets/posts.

Overall, TweetDeleter is the best tool for you if you want to delete many posts/tweets at once (and keep them in a safe space without others finding out 😉).

Deleting X Tweet post Manually

While TweetDeleter is a convenient option, you can also delete tweets manually on Twitter X itself, as we mentioned before.

1. Log to X Twitter and click on your profile picture or your username to access your X profile page.

2. Find the tweet/post on X Twitter: Scroll down your profile page to find the tweet/post you want to delete. If you can’t find the tweet/post, try to search it through the keywords and phrases you used in it.

3. Above the tweet/post, you’ll see three dots (…) that represent additional options. Click on this icon.

4. Choose "Delete Post". Twitter will ask you to confirm your decision. Click "Delete" to permanently remove the tweet from your X profile.

5. If you have more tweets/posts to delete, repeat the process for each one individually.

Of course, this method is more straightforward. However, it takes more of a time if you want to delete numerous tweets, for example, tweets written in a certain year.

In the end, the choice between TweetDeleter and manual deletion depends on your preferences. If you seek for more efficiency and convenience, TweetDeleter is the way to go. It simplifies the process of managing your Twitter X posts, allowing you to maintain a polished online presence.