How to Remove Followers on Twitter X: 3 main methods

February 28, 2024

Twitter X is a place where arguments and conversations can get really heated! And even when there is no conflict, sometimes, you just don’t want some users to see your content anymore.

Whatever your reasoning is, you have a quick solution: Twitter X made a button that can remove any unwanted followers in one click. Let’s see where you can find it, and explore other options to help you remove followers on Twitter X!

Remove Twitter follower

This is the best method to remove followers on your Twitter X account. Unfortunately, for now, it’s only available on the web version:

  1. Sign In: Log in to your Twitter X account using your credentials.
  2. Navigate to Profile: Once logged in, navigate to your profile page. You can do this by clicking on your profile picture or handle.
  3. Access Followers: Look for the "Followers" section on your profile page and click on it. This will display a list of users who are following you.
  4. Choose the User: Within the list of followers, find the user you wish to remove.
  5. Remove Follower: You'll see a three-dot button next to the user's profile. Click on it.
  6. Confirmation: A dropdown menu will appear. Select "Remove This Follower" from the options provided.
  7. Confirm Removal: A confirmation popup will appear, asking if you want to remove this follower. Click on "Remove" to confirm the action.

Block Twitter User

If you don’t want the user to see your content ever, you can block them on Twitter X. Here’s how to do that.

  1. Sign In: Log in to your Twitter X account using your credentials.
  2. Navigate to Profile: Go to the profile page of the user you want to block. You can do this by searching for their username using the Twitter search bar and clicking on their profile.
  3. Block User: On the user's profile page, locate the three-dot or overflow button.
  4. Select Block: Click on the three-dot button to reveal a dropdown menu. From the menu, select the "Block" option.
  5. Confirmation: A confirmation dialog box will appear, asking if you're sure you want to block this user. Confirm your decision by clicking "Block" again.
  6. User Blocked: Once blocked, the user will be removed from your followers list, and they won't be able to interact with your account in any way unless you unblock them.

Soft Block Twitter User

Some people prefer to “soft block”. This method can be useful if you have a close account and use Twitter X only on your mobile app. In that case, the user won’t see that you blocked them if they visit your account, but won’t be able to access your tweets/posts.

Just repeat the steps we described above, and then go to the account of the blocked person. You'll see a red "Blocked" button indicating that you've blocked them. Click on this button and confirm unblocking.

By soft blocking the user, they will be removed from your followers list without receiving a notification. They will also be able to follow you again if they wish.

Delete Tweets/Posts

Are you cautious about some followers because you think they might find on your profile some controversial tweets/posts and speak up about them? Then it’s better to address the root problem!

With TweetDeleter, you’ll be able to find and delete tweets no matter how old they are. Here is what the tool offers:

  • Bulk Delete Tweets: You can delete multiple tweets at once.
  • Filtering Options: TweetDeleter offers various filtering options, allowing users to select tweets for deletion based on criteria such as date, tweet type (retweets or user tweets), profanity, media presence.
  • Auto Delete: This feature enables users to set up automatic deletion of tweets that meet specific conditions regularly.
  • Save Deleted Tweets: Users can choose to save their deleted tweets if they activate the Advanced Plan. This option provides a backup of deleted content for reference or archival purposes.

By removing unwanted followers and cleaning your Twitter X feed, you’ll make a significant step for your social media reputation and mental health!