Managing Safe Search Settings on X/Twitter

December 13, 2023

X/Twitter is the best platform for learning the latest news from all over the world and getting updates from politicians, celebrities, influencers and brands. However, Safe Search filters may sometimes stay in your way when you want to access some content that’s marked as 18+ or disturbing.

Let's explore how you can manage and turn off Safe Search settings on X/Twitter to access a broader spectrum of content without any limits.

Turning off Safe Search on X/Twitter

When Safe Search is active, sensitive content is automatically filtered out from your search results. While this is beneficial for catering to the needs of diverse Twitter audiences, it might also restrict access to crucial information.

Here's how you can deactivate Safe Search on the web version of the platform:

  1. Look for the search bar at the top right section of your X/Twitter desktop browser.
  2. Click it, enter any search query, and proceed to the search results page.
  3. Find the three-dot button next to the search bar and select "Search Settings."
  4. The Search Settings popup appears with "Hide Sensitive Content" activated by default. Uncheck this option to disable it.
  5. Additionally, the platform enables the "Remove Blocked and Muted Accounts" function. You can deactivate it if you wish to see blocked and muted accounts in your search results.

Turning Off Twitter Safe Search on iOS

On iPhones and iPads, modifying Safe Search within the app isn't possible. However, you can manage Safe Search using a mobile browser:

  1. Visit X/Twitter via the mobile browser.
  2. Tap your profile photo at the top left to open the quick navigation menu.
  3. Choose "Settings and Privacy" > "Privacy and Safety" > "Content You See" > "Search Settings."
  4. Toggle off "Hide Sensitive Content" to view sensitive content in search results.

Unable to Change Safe Search Settings

Are you unable to change Safe Search Settings? Here are some cases when viewing sensitive content is not possible:

  • You didn't provide your birth date during the X/Twitter profile setup. You should share it to access Safe Search settings.
  • Users under 18 won't be able to disable Safe Search due to the platform's sensitive content policy.

Sensitive Content Posting

If your profile contains sensitive content, Twitter may restrict your posts from search results, reducing their visibility. It can affect your whole profile in general and result in restrictions or shadow-banning.

Removing these posts individually can be time-consuming. Consider using TweetDeleter to efficiently remove multiple X posts/tweets and enhance your profile's visibility on X/Twitter.