Understanding X/Twitter Limits

January 8, 2024

The X/Twitter platform operates within certain boundaries, and being aware of these limits can prevent unexpected hiccups like being unable to tweet or encountering errors. Let's dive into the specifics of these limitations!

Direct Messaging X/Twitter Limitations

Direct messaging (DM) on Twitter enables private communication with any user on the platform, making it an excellent tool for initiating conversations. The current DM limit stands at 500 messages per day.

However, this doesn't imply a free pass to send 500 messages to X users daily. There are nuances to this limitation:

  • Sending the same message to multiple profiles might trigger spam alerts. In such cases, Twitter may restrict your messaging capability for 30 minutes.
  • Twitter introduced a new DM setting where only users you follow can initiate conversations with you. Those not on your following list must send a request to chat. Previously, users could set it to "Everyone," allowing messages from non-followers. Now, this default setting is altered, limiting unsolicited messages. Those with an X Premium subscription have the option to send a request if not followed. To receive messages from everyone, users must manually change this setting.

X/Twitter Follow Limits

Understanding Twitter's follow limit is crucial for a fulfilling experience on the platform:

  • You can follow a maximum of 400 users daily on X.
  • Once you hit 5,000 followers, you need to maintain a healthy follow ratio. Twitter watches this ratio (followers to following) closely. If imbalanced, it might restrict your following capabilities. This ratio's specifics can vary per user.

Engaging in certain behaviors can restrict the following actions:

  • Rapidly following a large number of accounts within an hour can trigger a temporary limit.
  • Using automation to mimic another user's following behavior or employing third-party services for followers may flag your profile.
  • Unreasonably mass-following users, particularly via automation, can draw Twitter's attention and limit your account.

X/Twitter Character Limits

Presently, tweets are capped at 290 characters, yet for Twitter Blue, now X Premium, users have the privilege of crafting tweets with up to 25,000 characters.

X Post/Tweet Limits

X/Twitter also imposes public tweet limits (2,400) and caps on posts and reposts. And for active posters, managing posts is crucial.

TweetDeleter offers features to auto-delete posts with specific words, aiding in eliminating spam-like content. Additionally, its bulk-delete tweet option allows precise control over content removal, ensuring adherence to Twitter's limitations without compromising your profile.

This tool also facilitates the removal of older tweets that might impact personal endeavors. Ensuring your profile reflects positively is crucial, and TweetDeleter helps in this regard by enabling the deletion of outdated or unrepresentative posts.

Start your brand new X/Twitter journey with Tweetdeleter!