How to Hide Likes on Twitter (X): A Complete Guide

June 9, 2024

Wondering how to hide likes on Twitter (X)? Well, that’s a good start if you want to protect yourself from prying eyes. 
Twitter, now rebranded as X, has undergone numerous updates recently. Of course, privacy settings were affected as well. Now Twitter offers users more control over their information but with a sidenote: you must be a Premium user to access those features. 
But how to hide liked tweets on X if you have a paid subscription? Well, there are a few options to do that. In this guide, we will go through all the solutions that will help you to keep your likes private.

How to hide likes on Twitter Premium

First, let’s talk about the most obvious option of hiding likes using Twitter Premium. Twitter offers early access to some features for Premium users, and that includes hiding likes. It’s unknown if it will be available for average X users someday. 
So, here’s how to make your likes private on Twitter (X) if you have a Premium account.

  1. After buying Premium, click on the "More" option in the menu located on the left sidebar, if you’re using a desktop device. If you prefer using the official Twitter (X) mobile app, then tap on your profile icon at the top left corner to open the menu and hit “More”. 
  2. Go to "Settings and Support".
  3. Select "Settings and privacy".
  4. Tap on "Premium".
  5. Choose "Early access to select new features".
  6. Go to "Profile customization".
  7. Turn on the "Hide Likes tab" switch.
And that’s how to hide likes on a Twitter profile. Now your “Likes” tab will be visible only to you. 
Note that this function only applies to the “Likes” tab, but not to likes in general! If your profile is public, your likes will be visible on the tweets, and everyone can spot them if they want to. 
Now, can you hide your likes on Twitter for free? Sure, but there’s a catch - you will have to sacrifice your reach for that.

How to make liked tweets private?

Here’s the deal - if you make your account private, then your likes will be visible only to the people who follow you. If that’s what you are looking for, here’s a quick instruction on how to hide your likes on X by going private. 
  1. Open your Twitter app or visit the website and click on your profile icon on the left menu sidebar.
  2. Select "Settings and Privacy" and then go to "Privacy and Safety".
  3. Enable the "Protect your Tweets" option.
This is a good option if you’re not a public person and keep your account just for friends. However, if you promote a brand (or yourself), going private will seriously affect your visibility. 
Note that if you make your account public again, all of your likes will go public as well! 

Unliking tweets manually 

In a lot of cases you don’t even need to learn how to hide all your liked posts on Twitter. Maybe there are just some controversial tweets that you liked, and now you regret it. Happens to the best of us, for sure! The best way to deal with this issue is to unlike those tweets manually and live peacefully. 
  1. Go to your Profile by tapping on your profile picture on the left menu bar. 
  2. Navigate to the "Likes" section.
  3. Manually unlike each tweet by clicking the heart icon again.
If you’re not able to spot that exact tweet, you can use Twitter’s Advanced Search to find the post using some keywords. 

Mass-unliking tweets

Getting through all your likes and unliking every slightly “unfavorable” one can be a long and draining process, especially if you’re a very active Twitter X user. So if you still want another solution on how to effectively hide likes on Twitter, here’s another great option: mass unliking through TweetDeleter — an official Twitter Partner. 
Why is this solution better than just hiding likes?
  • Premium offers to hide the “Likes” tab, but not the likes in general. So, if other users see your liked tweets on their timelines, it still means that people can see your likes on Twitter. 
  • No need to go private. While going private, you protect your likes from users who don’t follow you. However, in this case, people can see your likes on Twitter if they follow you. With mass unliking, you won’t have to worry about that. Nobody is going to see your likes anymore!
  • You can unlike all tweets you ever liked. And you won’t have to overthink how to hide your Twitter likes anymore. You can just delete everything and start with a clean slate. 

Here’s a quick instruction on how to hide likes on Twitter with Tweetdeleter. 
  1. Access the tool by signing in with your Twitter (X) account.
  2. Upload your Twitter Archive on the platform to ensure TweetDeleter’s access to all of your tweets. Otherwise, the tool will be able to access only your last 100 tweets. 
  3. Access the "Likes" section on the TweetDeleter’s dashboard. Use the advanced search functions of the tool to navigate through your liked posts.
  4. Step 4: Filter and unlike selected likes or delete likes in bulk. Decide which tweets you wish to unlike or use the "Select all" checkbox to choose all filtered X posts or tweets. 
  5. Click "Unlike" to retract your likes permanently.

With TweetDeleter’s Advanced plan, you will be able to delete up to 3000 tweets or likes per month. If you are an active Twitter user and need to delete more likes, then it might be better to opt for the Unlimited plan.
Now you know how to hide likes on X and make your profile more private! Take charge of your social media profiles, and enjoy a more secure journey on X.