How to: Twitter Videos search on

December 7, 2023

X (formerly Twitter), with its 238 million daily active users, offers a unique platform for real-time interactions. Obviously, most of them open X/Twitter in search of the latest information in the form of text, photos and videos.

And as we all know from the popularity of reels and tiktoks, videos are now dominating the digital world!

According to recent statistics, posts on X/Twitter with videos receive 10 times more engagement. By the way, overwhelming 93% of video views on X platform occur on mobile devices. So if you’re an active X/Twitter user, most probably you notice and watch hundreds of videos on the platform daily.

Of course, there’s a big possibility you won’t see any of these videos again if you don’t interact with them. Now, what exactly can you do if you watched a certain video but forgot to like or repost it? Is it gone forever?

Not necessarily. Here are some good tips that will help you to find videos

If you remember the topic of the video, you may find it without using any advanced mechanisms. Let’s try a basic Twitter search first. Follow these three steps:

  • Tap the magnifying icon at the bottom of the page to open the search tab.
  • Enter your keyword in the search field at the top to initiate your search.
  • Twitter will display results in various tabs (Top, Latest, People, Media).
  • Go to the "Media" section to find your desired video.

This method works well for trending videos with unique keywords. You can get even better results by adding the word “video” to your search term.

Now, if you are not remembering any word from the post, you can try something else. Here's a step-by-step guide using the advanced search feature to find videos on X/Twitter. Use your browser for it:

  1. Once again, tap the magnifying icon to access the search tab from the navigation menu.
  2. Conduct a keyword search.
  3. Navigate to the left and click “Advanced search” below the search filters. Alternatively, you can open Twitter/X advanced search directly in your browser.
  4. Fill out all the information you remember — you can even mention the approximate amount of likes on the video. After filling out advanced search fields click the “Search” button.
  5. Move to the media tab to locate the video you’re searching for.

With Advanced Search, you can find videos from specific accounts or specify a date range when you don’t remember any keyword from the tweet/post.

Find and delete video tweets/posts on your X/Twitter account

Now, what about the videos that you posted a really loooong ago? Again, an advanced search may help you with this.

However, in many cases, it’s extremely hard to find some tweets, especially, when you have millions of posts. And that’s especially bad when you’ve got some embarrassing stuff on your account that you don’t want anyone to see. Ever.

What should you do in this case? If you want to delete some video tweets in bulk from your profile, consider using Tweetdeleter. It's an efficient platform that simplifies the process of managing tweets.

  • Sign in to Tweetdeleter with your X/Twitter account.
  • Use the Dashboard to filter tweets by type, date, media, or specific criteria. With these tools, you can find that exact embarrassing tweet from the past that doesn’t let you sleep at night.
  • Opt to delete tweets with media selectively or in bulk.

Tweetdeleter offers a seamless way to find and delete video tweets/posts within your Twitter profile. With this tool, you don’t need to worry that your manager will spot any embarrassing video from your past!