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Save and see deleted tweets

Save and see deleted tweets 

Your deleted tweets don't have to be gone forever - save and see deleted tweets in your deleted tweet archive
Feature checkmark for Save your deleted tweets on TweetDeleter

Save your deleted tweets on TweetDeleter

Feature checkmark for Browse and review your deleted tweets whenever you like

Browse and review your deleted tweets whenever you like

Feature checkmark for Find the deleted tweets you're looking for with a quick search or by applying a filter

Find the deleted tweets you're looking for with a quick search or by applying a filter

Over 1,360,240 users have already deleted 1,020,265,991 tweets
Please note that tweets you select to delete through service are deleted permanently from Twitter without an option to restore them!

Can I save and keep deleted tweets?

Yes. With TweetDeleter, you can save and store any tweet you delete in your own private deleted tweet archive. This way, no tweet is lost and you can revisit memories whenever you feel like it. That being said, deleted tweets are permanently removed from your Twitter timeline and can only be accessed through TweetDeleter. Still, this lets you keep a sparkling clean profile while keeping your past tweets available for a trip down memory lane for when you're up for a bit of nostalgia.

How can I start saving the tweets I delete?

To make sure you don't accidentally permanently delete something you really want to keep, TweetDeleter asks you if you want to save and keep the tweet(s) when you're about to delete them. We've got you covered - we don't want you to lose anything valuable. Keep in mind that this feature is only available to Standard, Advanced, and Unlimited payment plan users who have subscribed additionally to this service. Upgrade here to start saving your tweets.

Can I search and filter my deleted tweet archive?

Of course - TweetDeleter's powerful search tools can be put to use to easily browse your deleted tweet archive. Whenever you're up for a trip down memory lane, you'll have all of your deleted tweets at your fingertips, without having to sacrifice your privacy by keeping them on your Twitter timeline. Do note that this is only possible as long as you hold an active subscription on TweetDeleter. 

Step by step guide

how to save and see deleted tweets

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Step 1

Use your existing Twitter account to login

As soon as you sign in, TweetDeleter will be able to access and save your tweets.

Step 2

Upload your tweet archive

If you have more than 3200 tweets, uploading your Twitter Archive is a must, otherwise TweetDeleter won't be able to access your oldest tweets. Here's how to do it.

Step 4

Browse and see deleted tweets any time

Make use of TweetDeleter's smart search tools to browse and filter deleted tweets and find lost treasures you've previously saved.

Step 3

When deleting tweets, choose the save option

Whenever you delete tweets on TweetDeleter, you'll see a prompt asking you whether you would like to save and keep those tweets. Just accept and your deleted tweets will be marked for safekeeping.

Related frequently asked questions

If I canceled my subscription for a month, can I still access deleted tweets I saved previously?

No. If your subscription is interrupted for more than 48 hours, then the saved tweets get permanently deleted from the server. So if you had previously activated Saving and keeping your deleted tweets and then canceled your subscription for a month, your saved tweets will be gone forever. Maintain an active subscription so you can always see deleted tweets you've saved. Also, please keep it in mind that a subscription is automatically canceled if we cannot successfully charge the monthly payment.

Why is there an additional fee for keeping deleted tweets?

Storing deleted tweets requires extra server resources on our side. Accordingly, we need to charge a small additional monthly fee to cover these expenses. A personal, easily-browsable deleted tweet archive can be the best way to keep your memories private and accessible.

If I delete a tweet on Twitter, is it also saved in TweetDeleter?

No, we can only save and keep tweets that you have deleted through the TweetDeleter application. We cannot archive tweets you've deleted via Twitter or any other application.

Can I restore the deleted tweets I'm keeping on TweetDeleter?

No. Once you delete a tweet, it cannot be restored back on your Twitter timeline, as it's permanently deleted from Twitter. If you've saved it, it will be available in your deleted tweet archive on TweetDeleter.

I just activated the tweet saving feature - can I save tweets that I deleted one month ago?

Your deleted tweets that aren't marked as savable are kept on the TweetDeleter application for 48 hours. After that, unless you have activated the Save and keep deleted tweets feature, the tweets get permanently deleted from our servers and you won't be able to recover them.

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