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Auto delete tweets

Auto delete tweets

Don't let the past come back to haunt you - auto delete tweets from your timeline to keep your online presence squeaky clean
Feature checkmark for Forget about leaving a trail by automatically deleting your tweets

Forget about leaving a trail by automatically deleting your tweets

Feature checkmark for Automatic tweet delete is TweetDeleter's most popular feature

Automatic tweet delete is TweetDeleter's most popular feature

Feature checkmark for Configure your setup based on tweet count, day count or keywords

Configure your setup based on tweet count, day count or keywords

Feature checkmark for By automating the process, you won't miss any silly tweets that need deleting

By automating the process, you won't miss any silly tweets that need deleting

Over 1,360,240 users have already deleted 1,020,265,991 tweets
Please note that tweets you select to delete through service are deleted permanently from Twitter without an option to restore them!

Why should I automatically delete tweets?

n this day and age, why would anyone keep their old tweets on the internet? Anyone crawling through your old tweets is likely doing that to find something incriminating. Be it an employer, a journalist, or someone else - they're looking for a skeleton in your closet. If you auto delete tweets, then they won't find any. 

Countless celebrity scandals have ensued because of old, forgotten tweets that have resurfaced at the wrong time. Plus, with the current trend of employers vetting applicants by digging through their social media, there have been many cases where a dream job opportunity was lost, because of some old tweet that goes against the employer's views. 

But, please, tweet! Let others know your views. Just make sure those tweets don't come back to haunt you - auto delete old tweets from your timeline.

How does automatic tweet delete work?

You can set up and activate the automatic tweet delete feature with TweetDeleter right here. It will start deleting your old tweets the moment you activate it. In regards to the configuration - you have several choices so pick one that suits you best. You can configure automatic tweet deletion by tweet count, tweet age, or keywords.

If you decide to go by tweet count, then choose how many tweets you want to keep - 10, 100, or 1000. TweetDeleter will auto delete tweets that exceed the limit you set and do it automatically as you post new ones. You can also configure deletion by age - automatically erase tweets older than a week, a month, or a year - whatever works for you. 

Another option available to you is automatic tweet deletion by keyword. People have a habit of saying things they regret afterward, be it an intoxicated rant or a bout of rage. Don't let your mistakes come back to haunt you and set up automatic tweet deletion with the keywords you most often come to regret or just don't want to linger in the public space.

If I automatically delete tweets, can I still save them on TweetDeleter?

Of course! TweetDeleter's Save and Keep deleted tweets feature also works with automatically deleted tweets, so you always have an archive that you can revisit and review whenever you like. If you need help setting it up, check out this tutorial.

Step by step guide

how to automatically delete tweets

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Step 1

Log in with your Twitter account

Grant TweetDeleter access to your tweets by signing in with your Twitter login.

Step 2

Upload your Tweet Archive

If you have more than 3200 tweets, you'll need to upload your Twitter Archive for TweetDeleter to access your older tweets.

Step 3

Head over to the Auto tweet deleting and unliking page

Navigate to it from your dashboard or just find it here.

Step 4

Set up your preferences and activate automatic tweet deleting

Whether it's by tweet count, day count, or keywords, set up Auto tweet deleting to work just how you need it to.

Related frequently asked questions

Do many people use automatic tweet deleting?

Yes. In fact, it's one of our most popular features. It's a huge hassle to delete lots of tweets manually and keep deleting more every day, so people looking for a quick and easy solution use TweetDeleter. You can just set it up and forget about it, knowing your privacy is just that - private.

When do my tweets get automatically deleted?

TweetDeleter runs an automatic deletion process every 4 hours. Our system compares existing tweets against the rules defined in your Auto process settings. Each match is deleted in a couple of minutes. Don't worry - TweetDeleter will take care of your privacy.

I activated auto tweet deleting but my oldest tweets are not being erased?

Keep in mind that if you haven't uploaded your Twitter Archive to TweetDeleter, then we can only access 3200 of your most recent tweets. To grant access to your oldest tweets, you must upload your Twitter Archive. Once you've done that, TweetDeleter will be able to auto delete your tweets no matter how ancient they are.

Why did my Auto tweet deleting process stop?

The most common reason for this is an expired TweetDeleter subscription. If you haven't renewed your subscription, all processes, including the auto tweet deleter, will stop until it's reactivated. If your automatic tweet delete process has stopped while you have an active subscription, please get in touch with our client support team.

I can't start the automatic tweet deleting! Why?

The auto tweet deleting feature is only available with the Unlimited payment plan. To unlock and launch automatic tweet deleting, you need to upgrade your account, which will allow you to delete all the tweets you like and do it automatically to keep your mind at peace.

Can I automatically delete ALL of my old tweets?

If you have lots of tweets (3200+) and want to make sure every single pesky tweet is deleted for good, you need to upload your Twitter Archive to TweetDeleter. This will give us access to all your tweets and then the app can delete them! Once you've done that, the auto tweet delete process will take care of the rest by erasing tweets you want gone from Twitter.

Can I stop the automatic tweet deleting process or change the settings?

Absolutely - you can both stop the automatic tweet delete at any time, as well as modify the settings in case you've had a change of heart or want to try something different. If you have any questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to get in touch with our friendly client support.

How to auto delete old tweets?

Just tell the app how you want your tweets to be deleted - by age, count, or keywords - and launch auto tweet deleter. You can set up your preferences here and once you've launched the process, you can rest easy knowing that TweetDeleter will auto delete tweets you don't want bothering you.

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