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Delete all my tweets at once

Delete all my tweets at once

Delete all your tweets in one go and start over with a clean slate
Feature checkmark for Save time by doing it with a single click

Save time by doing it with a single click

Feature checkmark for Upload your Twitter Archive to erase all tweets, no matter how old

Upload your Twitter Archive to erase all tweets, no matter how old

Feature checkmark for Delete all tweets from your Twitter timeline

Delete all tweets from your Twitter timeline

Over 1,360,240 users have already deleted 1,020,265,991 tweets
Please note that tweets you select to delete through service are deleted permanently from Twitter without an option to restore them!

How to delete all tweets at once?

With TweetDeleter, there are two easy ways to delete all your tweets in one go. The first way is to simply click the “select all” checkbox on your Dashboard and then press the “Delete” button. That's it. This will permanently clear tweets from your profile, so think twice about whether you're ready to say goodbye to all your posts. Also, be sure to double-check that no filters are activated to guarantee that you delete all of them at once, without leaving any unwelcome stragglers.

The second way to do it is to use our Delete all your tweets at once feature that you activate here. With it, you can clear all of your tweets with a single click, regardless of what payment plan you're on. Out with the old, in with the new - start fresh with a squeaky clean profile.

Can I delete all of my old tweets?

As only the most prolific Tweeters know, Twitter starts archiving your tweets once you go over the 3200 tweet limit. Due to Twitter API restrictions, those most recent 3200 tweets are the only ones we can easily access. But fear not, all you have to do is upload your Tweet Archive and TweetDeleter will be able to erase all tweets, no matter how many of them you have.

Once your archive is uploaded, you can use either tweet deleting method to deep clean your profile and get rid of all of your tweets at once. You can either click “select all” on your dashboard and tap “delete”, or use the Delete all tweets at once feature. And with one click - pooof, your tweets are gone.

Can I save, keep, and browse my deleted tweets?

Absolutely! With TweetDeleter, you can erase all tweets from Twitter while keeping a private backup for your own personal use. The Tweets will be erased from your timeline, but you'll be able to browse and read them on TweetDeleter whenever you please. To make sure you don't lose valuable memories, TweetDeleter will prompt you when you try to erase all tweets and ask if you want to keep them. Here's a thorough guide with everything you need to know. 

Do note that, once deleted, you cannot restore the tweets on Twitter and they'll only be accessible to you through TweetDeleter.

Step by step guide

how to delete all tweets at once

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Step 1

Log in with your Twitter account

Sign in to TweetDeleter with your Twitter login so that we can access your tweets.

Step 2

Upload your tweet archive

If you have more than 3200 tweets, upload your Twitter Archive so TweetDeleter can access and delete all tweets.

Step 3

Delete all tweets at once

Head over to Delete all tweets or likes on your dashboard, select Delete all tweets and confirm. That's it. But think twice before confirming -  all your tweets will be deleted and permanently removed from your Twitter timeline.

Related frequently asked questions

What payment plan do I need to delete all tweets at once?

If you have less than 3200 tweets, the Advanced payment plan is all you need to erase all tweets in one go. For accounts with more tweets, you'll need to upload your Twitter Archive to delete all of your tweets and this feature requires the Unlimited plan.

Can I delete all my tweets without deleting my Twitter account?

Yes, of course! You don't need to delete your Twitter account to start fresh, you can simply delete all tweets. By doing this, you'll be able to continue using your account and keep your follows and followers. Start over with a clean slate while keeping the relationships you've built.

Can I delete my Twitter account through TweetDeleter?

No, we don't offer this option. If you're ready to say goodbye to your Twitter account, you can easily delete it through Twitter - go to Settings and Privacy, choose Account and select the Deactivate your account option. But are you really willing to part with all the effort you've put into the account? TweetDeleter can give you the fresh start you're looking for by deleting all your tweets, without losing the other things that make your account special. 

Can deleted tweets be recovered?

TweetDeleter will permanently erase all tweets from your timeline and you cannot recover them. Before deleting all of your tweets, you can save them and keep them on TweetDeleter, however if you do not choose to save them, your tweets will be gone forever. Keep in mind, even if you save your tweets, they cannot be restored on your timeline - you can only browse and read them on TweetDeleter. 

Why do deleted tweets still show in my Twitter timeline?

After choosing to delete them, it can take anywhere between a couple of minutes to several hours for your tweets to disappear from your timeline. The time it takes depends on the capacity of Twitter's API and the number of tweets that you're deleting. Usually, tweets are deleted very quickly, but in some cases, you might need to wait a little.

My tweets are gone, but the tweet count on my profile didn't change?

The tweet count in your profile is managed by Twitter. In some situations, they fail to make the correct tweet count adjustments. We have reported this problem to Twitter and expect this issue to be resolved in the near future.

Can I delete tweets automatically?

Yes! Deleting your tweets manually every day can get tedious, so we've created an Auto Delete feature that will keep your timeline clean and privacy intact. You can set up automatic tweet deleting based on many different criteria and here's a tutorial on how to take full advantage of the Auto Delete feature.

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