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Delete multiple tweets with one click

Delete multiple tweets with one click

Delete multiple tweets with the click of a button to instantly clean up your profile
Feature checkmark for Save time with bulk deleting

Save time with bulk deleting

Feature checkmark for Find what you need quickly with advanced search functionality

Find what you need quickly with advanced search functionality

Feature checkmark for Delete specific tweet categories – containing profanities, from a specific time of day, tweet type, tweets with media attachments, etc.

Delete specific tweet categories – containing profanities, from a specific time of day, tweet type, tweets with media attachments, etc.

Feature checkmark for Mass delete tweets with one click

Mass delete tweets with one click

Over 1,360,240 users have already deleted 1,020,265,991 tweets
Please note that tweets you select to delete through service are deleted permanently from Twitter without an option to restore them!

How to delete multiple Tweets

Clean up your Twitter account by deleting multiple tweets at once. Find, isolate, and erase tweets with one click to rid your profile of a bunch of unwanted tweets at a time. 

Use the advanced search functionality to filter out the types of tweets you want to bulk-delete. Be that late-night tweets, tweets with media attached to them, tweets with swear words – you name it. Choose the tweets you don't want, select the checkbox, and click “Delete”.

TweetDeleter has made it extremely easy to delete multiple tweets, or even mass delete tweets. If you’d like to bulk delete tweets, all you need to do is select the ones you want gone and all of them will be erased from your account at once.

How long does it take for tweets to be deleted?

The time it takes for a tweet to be fully deleted from your timeline can range from 5 minutes to 6 hours, depending on how overloaded Twitter's API is and how many tweets you're trying to delete at once.

We've even had some users deleting several million tweets at a time. No worries – they were all successfully deleted. Mission accomplished. 

How to delete all tweets at once

There are two ways to delete all of your tweets at once with TweetDeleter.
1. Use our Delete all tweets at once feature to delete all your tweets with a single button. 
2. Select all of the tweets on your timeline and press “Delete” to erase all of the tweets at once. 

Be careful - use this feature wisely! 
Take into account that you'll only be able to access (and therefore, delete) your 3200 most recent tweets unless you've uploaded your tweet archive to TweetDeleter.

Why delete old tweets? 
Everyone has their own reasons. One of the more common causes for wanting to delete old tweets is to protect yourself from old tweets resurfacing, where you might have shared an outdated viewpoint. Another important reason is that tweets, unless they're deleted, are indexed on Google and can be easily found by anyone who's searching specific keywords. Potential employers could also be scanning your social media presence to find any red flags that might be an issue. TweetDeleter can help you protect your privacy and keep your account fresh and clean.

Step by step guide

how to delete multiple tweets at once

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Step 2

Upload your Tweet Archive

If you have more than 3200 tweets, you'll need to upload your Twitter archive to TweetDeleter in order to access older tweets.

Step 1

Log in to TweetDeleter with your Twitter credentials

Give access to TweetDeleter to access your tweets

Step 3

Delete multiple tweets with one click

Use the checkboxes to select which tweets you want to delete, or use the “Select all” checkbox to choose all filtered tweets. Click “Delete” to permanently erase those tweets from your Twitter timeline. Sayonara!

Related frequently asked questions

Why do I not see all my tweets that I want to delete?

Keep in mind that we can only access your 3200 most recent tweets. If you want to access, browse, and delete older tweets, you'll need to upload your Twitter archive, a file that you can find in your Twitter settings under Account. Take a look at this tutorial to find out how.

Can deleted tweets be recovered?

No – deleting tweets with TweetDeleter is PERMANENT and cannot be undone. Bulk delete tweets with caution and make sure it's really what you want before clicking “Delete”. You can view the tweets you've deleted on TweetDeleter, but you won't be able to restore them to Twitter.

Why is there a daily delete limit and what does it mean?

A daily limit is in place because of various technical restrictions that impact the Twitter API functionality, which is essentially what makes TweetDeleter work. You can bypass the daily delete limit by upgrading to paid plans – Standard, Advanced, and Unlimited plans all provide you with high volumes of tweet deleting potential, simply choose the plan that best suits the amount of tweets you want deleted, as well as which features are most important to you.

Why am I still seeing tweets I've deleted on my Twitter profile?

Your deleted tweets might still be being processed. This depends on the amount of tweets you want to delete. The more you want to delete, the longer it will take for them to be processed. The good news is – tweets are deleted from 5 minutes to 6 hours after making the request, so you're never far off from a cleaned-up timeline.

Why is my number of tweets made on my profile the same as before I deleted tweets?

The tweet count in your profile is managed by Twitter. In some situations they don't make correct adjustments based on deleted tweets. We've reported this problem to Twitter, but it doesn't seem to be on their list of priorities.

Can I automatically delete tweets?

Yes! Automatic tweet deleting is available based on various criteria. Learn more on setting it up and never think about old tweets coming back to haunt you again!

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Search by tweets, retweets, or replies

Search by tweets, retweets, or replies

To help unearth the tweets you're looking for, you can browse your tweets, retweets, or Tweet Replies separately. Our goal is to help you locate and erase the tweets you want gone as quickly as possible and our search tool helps you do just that.
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Search tweets and likes by media

Search tweets and likes by media

You can easily filter tweets and likes with media attached to the tweet - videos, photos, or external links. Find those embarrassing videos you uploaded a year ago or locate compromising favorited tweets in just a few seconds. Get rid of your tweets with one click and save yourself from any consequences.
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Tweet profanity filter

Tweet profanity filter

If you want to keep your profile nice and cuddly or just want to find your more damning uses of rough language - TweetDeleter's swear word filter will help you find those tweets before they come back to haunt you. Don't let profanity hurt your employability.
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