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Search tweets by keyword

Search tweets by keyword

You can search tweets by keyword to identify and delete the tweets you want to get rid of.
Feature checkmark for Search tweets by phrases, words, @mentions or #hashtags

Search tweets by phrases, words, @mentions or #hashtags

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Search delete tweets

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Apply our AI-based profanity filter

Over 1,360,240 users have already deleted 1,020,265,991 tweets
Please note that tweets you select to delete through service are deleted permanently from Twitter without an option to restore them!

How to search and delete tweets by name, keyword phrase or hashtag?

Chances are you don't want to delete all of your tweets – just the ones that might get you in hot water. Avoiding embarrassment, controversy, or a specific topic can be done easily by searching and identifying related tweets. TweetDeleter's powerful search tool allows you to find what you need in a couple of seconds. Browse all of your tweets easily and select the ones you want to delete.

Browse @mentions, #hashtags, or any other text combination. Play with it and have fun by filtering through old memories. You can come across some old, long-forgotten Twitter gems.

How to search deleted tweets?

Tweets deleted through TweetDeleter can be saved and kept on TweetDeleter. You can then search deleted tweets by keyword and browse them the same as live and active tweets. Trust us – it's fun to go back and see what shenanigans you once got up to – but for your eyes only.

How to search and find tweets with swear words and profanities?

We're one step ahead of you. Our algorithm can find tweets with commonly known swear words and profanities. For what it's worth – we highly recommend deleting those tweets unless you want to keep up your baddie status on Twitter. Is our algorithm perfect, with nothing that falls through the cracks? No. But it's a start. Search in other ways by using our powerful search tools.

Step by step guide

how to search all of your tweets using the keyword filter:

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Step 1

Log in with your Twitter account

Sign in to TweetDeleter with your Twitter login so that we can access your tweets.

Step 2

Upload your Tweet Archive

If you have more than 3200 tweets, please upload your Twitter Archive so we can access all of your tweets.

Step 3

Locate our search box and type a keyword you want to search

Search any name, phrase, hashtag, @mention or any other text combination. Our powerful search engine will find what you are looking for.

Related frequently asked questions

What is the daily keyword search limit?

Under the Free account plan there is a 5 keyword search limit per day - so use those searches wisely. The keyword search count is unlimited for any of the paid plans. So have fun and find what you are looking for!

Why can't I find a tweet I know I made?

Please make sure the spelling of the keyword, name, or hashtag is correct and try your search again. Please remember that in order to access old tweets (older than 3200 tweets ago) you need to upload your Tweet Archive to TweetDeleter.

Can I just search my tweets by keyword without deleting them?

Sure - no problemo. Our Twitter search engine is here to help you for any reason you need. There is no need to delete tweets if you don't want to. Go back through memory lane by browsing old tweets to remember your old events, opinions, and more. Go play.

Can I find a tweet that was previously deleted?

You cannot find a previously deleted tweet unless you use our service to keep deleted tweets. Without having saved your deleted tweets, our search algorithm can only browse active and live tweets. If you want to browse deleted tweets in the future, use our Keep Deleted Tweets feature.

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Auto tweet deleting

Automatic tweet deleting

There are no good reasons to keep old tweets public on the internet - anyone browsing through them is unlikely to have good intentions. So keep your profile pristine at all times by automatically deleting tweets once you hit a certain tweet count or time threshold. Or delete them automatically by keywords.
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Upload your Twitter Archive

Upload your Twitter Archive

If you have more than 3200 tweets, you'll need to upload your Twitter Archive for TweetDeleter to access your older tweets. You only need to do it once and once you do, TweetDeleter will be able to delete old tweets and likes regardless of age and count.
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Search and unlike my liked tweets

Search and unlike my liked tweets

Tweets aren't the only potentially incriminating thing on Twitter. Your likes are too. TweetDeleter lets you find and unlike tweets you've favorited. Delete them individually, in bulk, or erase them all - whatever works for you.
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