How to Find Your Most Liked Tweet: Full Guide

December 29, 2023

Nostalgia drives us to reminisce about our viral moments on social media. And for aspiring influencers or those just curious, discovering your most liked tweets offers great insights into audience preferences. Yet, as time passes, these memorable posts might fade from memory, complicating the quest to find them.

Unfortunately, X/Twitter lacks a direct feature for finding your top-liked tweets/X posts. However, some tricks will help you quickly find them.

The optimal approach to find your top-performing tweets involves build-in Advanced Search of X/Twitter. Note that this search engine is only available on the web version. Regrettably, the official mobile apps offer only basic search functionalities.

However, let’s see how you can easily find your most liked tweets or posts using Advanced Search:

  1. Sign in to your X account and either paste the Advanced Search link in your browser or employ the search function.
  2. Access 'Advanced Search' via the overflow (three-dot) button beside the search bar.
  3. A popup will present several fields. Scroll to the 'Accounts' section and enter your X/Twitter username in the 'From These Accounts' field.
  4. Continue scrolling to 'Engagement.' In 'MinimumLikes,' input any number. Higher values refine results, but excessively high numbers yield none.
  5. Adjust the likes count until the results display a number of tweets.

This method showcases posts surpassing a specific engagement threshold, easing the hunt for your most liked tweet/X post.

Moreover, this technique also allows you to explore popular posts from other users by substituting your username with their X/Twitter handle in the 'From These Accounts' section.

Using Search Operators for Top Liked Tweets

Given that advanced search is only available only on X/Twitter web version on desktop and mobile browsers, you can access high-engagement posts through the mobile apps only through X/Twitter search operators. These commands filter search outcomes. Here's how to find your most liked tweets using search operators:

  1. Launch the X mobile app on Android or iOS.
  2. Tap the search button in the bottom panel.
  3. Input the following search operators into the search field: (from:username) min_faves:n. Replace 'username' with your X/Twitter handle and 'n' with your desired minimum likes.
  4. Search operator 'from:username' filters posts from a specific profile, while 'min_faves' sieves results to meet your criteria. This command set refines outcomes, leading to your most liked post.

Removing Highly Liked Posts

Beyond uncovering top liked tweets, addressing problematic content among them is very important. Deleting such tweets is essential to avoid undesirable attention. Imagine a potential employer stumbling upon your X account and scrutinizing posts—questionable content can immediately change their impression, despite your other qualifications.

Unfortunately, X/Twitter permits deleting only one post at a time. However, you can easily bypass this limitation with X/Twitter official entherprise partner – TweetDeleter.

With this tool, you can delete multiple tweets with a few clicks. Combining the 'most liked tweet' guidelines with this tool ensures your profile stays free from controversial content. Additionally, it allows deleting likes and automating their removal swiftly.

Secure your profile from questionable content with TweetDeleter!