Archive upload

Unfortunately Twitter’s API allows us to access only your 3,200 latest tweets from your feed. So we’ve created the possibility for you to upload your Twitter archive and search for and delete any tweet. See the steps below on how to upload the archive. Remember, you need to upload all .zip format folder, do not open it. If you need any help, you can also email us:

Step-by-step guide

Explore our Features

Take a look at our best features that will help you easily search, find and delete tweets. You’re welcome. :)

Search by keyword

Your mum registered on Twitter? Seems that it’s time to get rid of all those not-so-flattering posts on your feed! Write a keyword and strike out/remove/erase/expunge/delete selected tweets in one go!

Search by tweet type

Do you tweet more often than think? Can’t stop retweeting? Or maybe you write replies all the time? Great, but once in a while it’s useful to sort out some unnecessary stuff. Just select the type of tweets you’re looking for and the nonsense will be swept out for ever!

Search by tweet date

You can’t delete your memory, but you can delete your tweets. Sometimes the latter one is even more significant! Clear off your old tweets from high school’s philosophical contemplation and give some space for new ones!

Search by media type

Oh my, your crush followed you on Twitter? Click on the button and get rid of all of those silly cat videos, crap quality pictures and cheesy Tumblr inspirational boards you’ve been posting on daily basis. Quickly!

Auto Delete old Tweets

Too lazy too delete your oldest tweets all the time? No worries! Whether you want to keep a current amount of tweets or pick a certain period of time after which your tweets will be automatically deleted, we will take a care about it. Put a limit for your old tweets and still tweet unlimited!

Full Delete

So you think all you have written there actually is a dust in the wind? Do you want to start a new (Twitter) life? And you are ready to delete everything you have out there? No problem, our Full delete feature will help you. P.S. Brave decision, don’t forget to tweet about it afterwards!

Upload Tweet Archive

Dear dairy, today I registered on Twitter… Sounds familiar? If it’s the last sentence in your diary too, we have a tool which might help you to keep your ingenious thoughts safe. Just upload your own Twitter archive, read it through and weed out superfluous!

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